• 3.YFM 325 Valve Grinding Machine
  • 3.YFM 325 Valve Grinding Machine
  • 3.YFM 325 Valve Grinding Machine
  • 3.YFM 325 Valve Grinding Machine

Model : YFM 325

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This machine has 3 patents and 2 invention patents
>Double group of three concentric circular rollers structure has been extended in principle, the grinding precision is higher and more stable
>The cam and screw principle of valve clamping, pressing and releasing, the loosening force is controlled by itself, strong cutting and loosening, and the operation is smooth and free.

Taiwan Invention Patent TW I598185
United States Patent US 0126416 A1
U.S. invention patent US0111535 A1
Taiwan TW Pat. M472602 M472603 M485129
China CN Pat. 201320718001.0
Quickly grinding the tail of the valve (clearance adjustment)

China CN Pat. 201320718001.0

Technical specifications

Valve head capacity  12-180mm .590"-7.87"    

Min valve stem diameter:    (3mm) .118"      

Max valve stem diameter:  (18mm) .984"     

Wheel head driving motors: 1Hp            

Chuck power:                 40W       

Voltage:           220V/60Hz 3 Phases                                    

Coolant pump motor :    1/8Hp   

Variable valve drive rpm  :       0-100  1/min    

Grinding wheel speed :     3400 rpm    

Coolant capacity :                     5L 

Diameter of grinding wheel:      (180mm) 7"

Surface wheel diameter:           (100 mm) 4"

Grinding wheel motor to adjust the angle:15-60°

Chuck Tolerance:                 ±0.01mm

  Machine weight:                     130Kg        

YFM-325 valve grinding machine two
Standard type
Flagship type - the installation of optical instrument