• YFM 315 Valve Grinding Machine
  • YFM 315 Valve Grinding Machine
  • YFM 315 Valve Grinding Machine

Model : YFM 315

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This machine has three patents
A patent, a group of three concentric circles: double roller structure extends the principle of precision grinding, higher and more stable
Second, the patent is the second and the third: Valve clip to press and release using the cam and the principle of helical, compression release strength self control, strong cutting press release, Chang Shun freely.
Taiwan Pat. M472602 M472603 M485129
China Pat. CN 201320718001

Technical specification
Valve head capacity: (12-110mm).470 "-4.330"
Minimum stem diameter: (3mm).118"
Maximum stem diameter: (15mm).591"
Wheel diameter: (185mm) 7.283"
Surface wheel diameter: (100 mm) 4"
Cooling pump motor: 90W 1/8Hp
Coolant capacity: 3L
Wheel drive motor: 3/4Hp
Valve drive motor: 40W
Standard valve grinding angle: 15-90
Wheel motor adjustment angle: 15-60
Chuck: tolerance + 0.01mm
Voltage: 220V/60Hz 3 Phases
110V/60Hz 1 Phases
Wheel speed: 3600 1/min
Variable valve drive: 1/min 0-100
Machine weight: 70Kg
Machine size: 710*360*740mm
Purchase table size: 900*500*800mm
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