Product#: CE-NG

New Generation of Valve Seat Refacing!
The MIRA microprocessor-controlled system automatically sets the spindle to the precisely calculated centerline. This ensures, that perfect concentricity and accuracy is obtained with each valve seat.
The new CENTRONIC NG brings now all the approved innovations with new Software and Controlbox does representing the next step in active centering for high quality valve seat processing.
Seat: min/max 16-45mm
Guide: min/max 5.0-9.0mm
Bores: min/max 21-58mm
This are the outstanding benefits of MIRA`s well proven active centering system:
Consistently precise valve seats
100% repeatability of the centering process
Perfect centering results with pilot clearance up to 0.04mm
Fast, affordable and easy to operate
Largest available selection of genuine MIRA MULTICUT formtools and pilots
MIRA CENTRONIC NG is the perfect solution for the new generation of high-tech multivalve heads.
The CENTRONIC-NG includes
CENTRONIC NG Valve Seat Refacing Unit
Service Tooling and Equipment
DRC1 Toolhead
Instruction Manual
Storage wooden Box
Shipping Dimensions: 58 x 42 x 42cm 
DRC05 toolhead for 16-25mm seat diameters 
HM-2000-HD complete workshop without tooling 
110 Volt System
230 Volt System